Investment Opportunity to Build Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Housing Units in Iraq

Investment Opportunity to Build Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Housing Units in Iraq

Dear Investors,
The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this opportunity for investment in Iraq’s housing sector.

This investment announcement to interested investors, parties, developers, financiers and construction companies is intended to begin a large-scale program addressing Iraq’s significant housing and infrastructure shortages.

This announcement provides interested parties an overview of the proposed housing initiative and the preliminary requirements for project submission. If you have any questions on the memorandum below, or would like further information on the program, please communicate with us by email at The NIC will be conducting this process under Iraq’s Investment Law (Law No. 13 of 2006).

In response to this announcement, we require information regarding your company and your proposed approach on how to best address the housing and infrastructure needs, maintenance programs and overall development strategy. The same information will be gathered from all companies and will be used in the process of awarding of a development project hereunder. We look forward to hearing from those parties who want to be part of this historic effort.


Dr. Sami Al-Araji
National Investment Commission
14 December 2009

**Please note: the attached .pdf document has been updated to reflect the change in the timing for questions and company information submittals. The date has been extended to 1 March, 2010 and any future changes to the timeline will be noted on this website.**

To download the full PDF version of the official announcement and complete a company information form (required for those wishing to request further details) please follow the link below: