Iraq Investment Conference in Washington DC Oct 20-21

Iraq Investment Conference in Washington DC Oct 20-21

The NIC is proud to announce the 2009 US-Iraq Business and Investment Conference (USIBIC), October 20-21 in Washington, D.C. The conference will offer U.S. companies the opportunity to learn about business and trade opportunities in the newly dynamic Iraq, a market of thirty million people.


The USIBIC will promote current investment and business opportunities in Iraq; provide matchmaking opportunities for U.S. and Iraqi firms; address the challenges to doing business in Iraq; and facilitate meetings between U.S. firms and Iraqi ministers and senior government officials. For more information, go to:


The conference will focus on twelve industry sectors — agriculture, banking / finance, defense, electricity, health, education, housing / construction, industry, oil / gas, telecommunications, tourism, and transportation.


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For more information about doing business in Iraq, please visit the web site of the Iraqi National Investment Commission at We will be happy to answer all inquiries and to help guide you on starting your business in Iraq.