NIC Chair Woman… Rejuvenating of Provinces by Realistic Executable Projects  

In a series of meetings with the head of PICs

NIC Chair Woman… Rejuvenating of Provinces by Realistic Executable Projects  


NIC Chair Woman, Suha Dawood Najar, assured that the investment projects intended to be offered for investment in the Iraqi provinces the beginning of the coming year 2021 must seek success and implementation as a final result and to be harmonized with the actual needs of the population of each province through fragmenting projects according to executable mechanism based upon economic profits and a successful feasibility study with obtaining sectoral sides approvals.

She added during her meeting with the heads of Basrah, Diwaniyah, Babil and Missan PICs that NIC is working on introducing an official legal entity to have the representations of all concerned governmental sides and to be in charge of studying lands allocations, the matter that is considered as one of the biggest problems that face investment projects.

A review for the most prominent and vital projects in the four provinces was submitted by the heads of the PICs who explained the reasons behind the halted ones taking in to consideration the privacy of each province and its identity (Agricultural, Oil, Industrial) with donning unblinking attention to the housing projects according to the need in every province for the housing units in a way that addresses the experiment of Bismayah city project and in direct coordination with NIC and the concerned  Iraqi Ministries.

Heads of PICs also submitted a number of suggestions for the support they deem necessary by NIC and other Sectoral sides to get economic reality rebounded in their provinces.

The meeting was attended by the NIC DG of Economic Affairs and Provincial Coordination section manager.

NIC Chair Woman: Implementing the Strategic Projects Gives Positive Momentum for the Iraqi Economy

During a Visit to Kerbala International Airport Project Site

NIC Chair Woman: Implementing the Strategic Projects Gives Positive Momentum for the Iraqi Economy

NIC Chair Woman, Suha Dawood Najar assured that implementing strategic investment projects like Kerbala International Airport project can give positive momentum for the Iraqi economy and encourage investors to participate in the current investment process, stressing that NIC is strongly supporting all efforts aiming at implementing such projects all over the Iraqi provinces.

This came during a visit by NIC Chair Woman to Kerbala on Sunday 20.12.2020 and was received by the General Secretary of the Holy Hussieny Threshold establishment, Haj Hassan when a detailed review had been introduced about the project and the achievement rates. In her turn the NIC Chairman highly praised the progress reached confirming that it contributes to the needs of the Iraqi Economy of infrastructure and strategic projects to gear up with the reality and that this project can serve the whole area in general and Kerbala province in particular.

Najar’s visit included also a visit to the Holy Husseiny Threshold premises where she met with the General Secretary Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al- Kerbalaey and highly appreciated the role of the holy thresholds establishments in constructing the big projects that benefits the public in Kerbala province.

Al- Kerbalaey in his turn praised the role of NIC in moving the investment wheel in Iraq and the importance of that in the economic development, referring to the necessity of constructing the big strategic projects in Kerbala especially Kerbala International Airport and al- Hussein Hospital for cancers for the job opportunities they can provide and the services they can submit to the province public.

The project manager, Eng. Mustafa Ajeena revealed that the achievement rates have reached to 32% adding that the rate shall raise steadily with receiving the first installment of the loan credited for the project which sums 150 billion ID out of the original total of 300 billion ID as it will be granted in installments according to achievement rates that shall be evaluated by an engineering committee from the Rafidain Bank (the funder).

He added that the airport is constructed according to the designs of the French specialized company with total capacity of 5.2 million passengers a year after its completion within a period of 2 years in maximum in case of resilient funding by the bank, taking in to consideration raising the capacity to 20 million passengers a year within the next 20 years, stating that there are five consulting companies of different nationalities supervising the implementation of the project which is also supervised by Eng. Menhal Al- habobi, former Baghad General Secretary.



NIC Chairwoman… Next Year shall Witness the announcement of constructing a Bismayah like city in each province  

During presiding a periodical meeting with the heads of PICs

NIC Chairwoman… Next Year shall Witness the announcement of constructing a Bismayah like city in each province  

NIC Chair woman, Suha Dawood Najar, assured the government insistence to find the feasible solutions to treat the obstacles hindering the lurking and halted investment projects in the provinces through the technical committees formed in the General secretariat of the Ministers’ Council for this purpose according to the Council’s resolution No. (245) for the year 2019.


Najar said, during presiding a periodical meeting with the heads of the PICs of (Kerbala, Babil, Wasit, Najaf, Dyala and Thi Qar) on Saturday 19.12.2020 with the attendance of the NIC DGs of the Economic Affairs dept. and the Legal Affairs dept., that rejuvenating these projects can contribute to providing a large number of job opportunities for the youth and rebounding the economic reality in each province especially with what Iraq is facing now of the Covid 19 ramifications and the drop in the world oil prices.

NIC Chair woman declared that 2021 shall witness the announcement of investment opportunities for constructing complete housing city in each province following the example of Bismayah city in Baghdad and according to the actual need in the province after preparing the suitable required lands, referring that the success of Bismayah project and the people’s interest to buy have given a big stimulus to construct such projects in the provinces especially for the limited income class.

Najar called for establishing a committee for strategic planning supervised by NIC with the membership of the heads of PICs in charge of studying the actual need of each province for the investment projects according to sectors instead of granting the investment licenses randomly, stressing the importance of cooperation between the provincial investment commissions and other governmental institutions for the purpose of developing the investment process in Iraq.

NIC Chair Woman also stressed the necessity of accelerating the update of the Investment map for the coming year 2021 for each province and according to sectors and the need for the investment projects and the provisions stipulated in the investment law.

Heads of PICs in their turn reviewed a number of problems and obstacles that face them and their need for having clear explanations for a number of the investment law provisions in order to achieve the goal for which it was legislated.

NIC Chair woman listened to a sufficient presentation by the heads of the PICs regarding acgievment and the number of investment licenses granted during 2020 in each province in addition to the suggestions and opinions recommended to gear up with the investment reality in the various economic sectors.

NIC Chair Woman meets her Egyptian Counterpart

For the purpose of activating the investment cooperation between the two countries

NIC Chair Woman meets her Egyptian Counterpart

NIC Chair Woman, Suha Dawood Najar meets the executive head of the General Invetsment and free zones Commission in Egypt Mr. Muhammed Abdul Wahab and discusses means of economic and investment cooperation between the two countries and the work to promote joint projects in various fields like infrastructure, electricity, housing and construction, agriculture and industry.

Mr. Abdul Wahab in his turn stressed the importance of the joint cooperation between the two commissions and reviewing the investment opportunities in the Iraqi provinces to announce them to the Egyptian investors interested to implement projects in Iraq appreciating the visit of the Iraqi delegation.

NIC Chairman assures : we shall reinforce the role of the OSSs in Baghdad and Provinces

During her meeting with the heads of PICs

NIC Chairman assures : we shall reinforce the role of the OSSs in Baghdad and Provinces

NIC Chairman, Suha Dawood Najar, assured that one of the most important sides in the resilience of the investment process in Iraq is connected to reinforcing the role of the One Stop Shop in NIC and provincial investment commissions beside the active technical and economic administration.

She also stressed, during her meeting with the heads of the PICs on Saturday Nov.11th. 20, the necessity of the fruitful coordination between NIC and PICs in order to push the investment process wheel forward in the way that fits the country economy needs through preparing complete investment map that competes with its counterparts in the region and meets the need of the ministries and provinces for the projects according to the market and economic requirements.

NIC Chairman listened to a number of the notes regarding the investment law no. 13 for the year 2006 and the possibility of modifying some of its provisions in the way that serve the ascending need to gear up with this active field and make it economically lucrative.

Heads of PICs presented during the meeting detailed explanations for the projects in their provinces and the problems related to each one of these projects and their suggestions to overcome some of the obstacles that hinder the work of investors in Iraq.

NIC Chairwoman assures…Our Experience and connections shall be submitted to serve the vital projects  

During her meeting with the Minister of Transport

NIC Chairwoman assures…Our Experience and connections shall be submitted to serve the vital projects  

NIC Chairwoman, Suha Dawood Najar, assured that the full NIC capacities of international economic relations and consultation experience in technical, financial and adminstrial fields shall be submitted to serve the vital projects in any part of Iraq.

During her meeting with H.E Minister of Transport, Captain Nasir Hussein Al- Shibly, she discussed the most prominent projects in the Ministry represented by the Faw Grand Port and the huge financial revenues it holds for Iraq through its capacity to accelerate the transportation of oil and goods and the chance it presents to diversify ways of import and export and hyper activate the transport sector, assuring the NIC’s full readiness to manage the investment sides in the project through creating the competition opportunities in more expanded way and investing the high capacities and relations owned by the World Bank to support this project which can give a spiritual support for the Iraqi citizen and ends the big debate raised about it recently.

Minister of Transport in his turn showed his vision for the possible means of cooperation with NIC in other important projects in the Ministry like the Monorail project which can provide around 10 thousand job opportunities in Baghdad announcing the possibility of its implementation by Anstl French Company in cooperation with Hyundai South Korean Company with approximate total cost of 1 Million Euro.

The Meeting was attended by a number of DGs from both sides.