Rasheed Camp Development Project

Rasheed Camp Development Project

Rasheed Camp Development Project

Below the standards to be adopted by investors for parts of the project

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Medical
  4. entertainment
  5. Sports

According to the standards adhered to by public

Residential part:

  1. Amoudi housing (50-70) thousand housing units

    Flats four varieties models and up (10) floors above.

    • 120 m 2 by 20%
    • 140 m 2 by 20%
    • 160 m 2 by 30%.
    • 200 m 2 by 30%.
  2. The housing standards applicable in the Public Authority for Housing.
  3. housing single-up (4000-5000) housing units unit area (ground) housing up to (240 m 2) and constructivism area (450 m2), up three floors

Medical part:

Medical Complex Includes specialty hospital (1000 beds) and all the terms of reference and supplies with all services.

Part entertainment:

Entertainment complex and the city with the development of Corniche games of the Tigris River, including the city’s water with the required hotel services.

Part sports

The main stadium capacity to 60,000 spectators with a secondary stadium capacity (10,000) spectators with multi-purpose halls closed Olympic swimming pool (open and closed)

First suggested
The second proposal – Part I
The second proposal – Part II
Third proposal