Re Announcement/ State company for food products

Re Announcement/ State company for food products

Re Announcement


State company for food products, affiliated to ministry of industry and minerals, is pleased to announce an investment opportunity for interested specialized, well-known, Iraqi, Arabic or foreign companies or economic institutions or their agents in the Diaries industry to participate, in accordance with article 15/3 of state Companies Law No.22 of 1997 to modernize and develop (Al- Mosul Sugar Factory) in the plants below:

  • Sugar production factory.
  • Yeast production plant.
  • Ethyl alcohol production plant.

, increase their production capacities, and diversify their products in according with local market needs.

Those interested can get the investment file and general conditions for 300 Thousand Dinars, non-refundable. Bids shall be submitted at the company’s headquarters. The said plant may be visited to check its state.


Bids will only be opened after 30 days from the date hereof. If one bide or more are received within the said period, this announcement will be stopped for the purpose of studying and analyzing the bid(s) submitted to make recommendation of award or not. In the latter case, the announcement will be renewed for another 30 days with the same mechanism adopted above.

Required Documents

1.companys documents: certificate of incorporation, financial statements (in English for non- Arab companies) for the last two years certificated by public accountant or auditor, and by the Embassy of Iraq at the company’s country, with certificated Arabic translation.

2.printed material or brochures introducing the company’s work.

3.Confirmation Letter from An Accredited Bank Confirming the Company’s Financial Competence and Transactions Together with Cash Confirmation Statement for the last year certified by An Auditor and Accounts Audit and Supervision Council for Iraqi Companies Inside Iraq Or by The Embassy of Iraq At the Company’s Country for Non-Iraqi Companies.

4-technical capacities and plan for development of existing products or introducing of new ones.

5.statement including machines or production lines tools, equipment and the willingness to transfer technology and training in addition to the earmarked amounts details of each, while emphasizing that the machines, production lines, tools, and equipment should be new and from approved origins.

6- for non-Iraqi companies, a branch should be opened in Iraq and registered with the registrar of companies within (3) month of signing the contract.


 Ministry of Industry and Minerals         

The general Company for Food Products  

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