The Iraqi – Egyptian Business Forum

The Iraqi – Egyptian Business Forum

During the Iraqi- Egyptian Businessmen Forum

The NIC Chairman … we seek to achieve economic integration between the two countries


The NIC chairman, Dr. Sami al- Araji, confirmed that Iraq and Egypt are   striving to achieve economic integration between them and increasing the commercial exchange with establishing integrated investment partnerships to serve the interest of the two countries and achieve Economic Prosperity, he also praised Egypt’s economic capabilities and the possibility of investing and participating in the development and rebuilding process of Iraq.


This came during his chairing the Iraqi- Egyptian Businessmen Forum which was held in  Baghdad for the period (4-5/3/2013) on the marginsof the Egyptian Prime Minister’s visit to Iraq with the presence of Minister of  Industry and Foreign Trade, Hatem Saleh, as well as (70)of Egyptian’s businessmen and a number of Iraqi officials and businessmen who represents the Iraqi private sector.


Al- Araji displayed for the Egyptian companies a number of investment opportunities in many economic sectors such as (oil and gas, industry, agriculture, tourism and health) stressing that NIC was able to overcome the obstacles ,like entry visas,  in addition to  giving investors facilities and guarantees afforded by the Investment Law no. 13 of 2006, as amended.


From his part Mr. Hatem Saleh warmly praised reception and hospitality by the Iraqi Government and NIC indicating that the Iraqi market is attractive and promising one for the Egyptian investors and companies who are ready to contribute to the investment process through the establishment of strategic projects and large economic partnerships with the Iraqi private sector.


The forum witnessed singing an investment memorandum of cooperation in the field of housing between NIC and Arab Contractors Company to pave the way to start negotiations for building housing units in Iraq by Egyptian investment companies. On the margins of the forum, workshops were held between businessmen from both sides ,who discussed the investment possibility and establishment of projects in five major sectors (engineering, construction material, petroleum and chemical products, agricultural crops and food products )