Salahdin Youth and Sport Sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

No Project Name Location Area Province
1.  Youth & Sport Club City Center near to retirement office

10/723 m5 Shesheen Valley

7 dumen  21 ulk Salahdin
2.  Al Alam Youth Playground Town Center 97/1734 m7 Kharja Wa Al Aaly


2.5 dunem Salahdin
3.  Al Hajaj Playground Town Center 44/22m Hasad & Kooz Different areas Salahdin
4.  Al Dour Playground 162/1672 m32 Tal Al Banat Different areas Salahdin
5.  Saad Playground 49/5764  m34 Different areas Salahdin
6.  Dhilowiya Club Town Center near the Polce Station 241/138 m25 Dhilowiya Different areas Salahdin
7.  Touz Playground Touz 1/47 m Basas Different areas Salahdin
8.  multi-purpose sports hall 2400/1198 Sharqiya 2 dunem 4 ulk Salahdin
9.  Hotel for sports delegations 4484 Sharqiya 18 ulk Salahdin
10.  multi-purpose hall, sports, scientific and cultural activities 2/14852  m 7 Matarda 1 dunem 5 ulk Salahdin