Salahaddin Agriculture Sector

Agriculture sector

Predisposing land for Agricultural Investment in Saladin Province in 2019

Seq. District/


County No. / Plot No. Area / dunam Type Availability of water / source Groundwater depth and validity Analysis of soil Coordinates



Location from irrigation projects Notes


  PH   soil Type    
1 Aldoor 47-48-49-50-71/78 Swaida 10000 sandy Not available / wells            
2 Aldoor 97/74 Um Jidah 5000 Gypsum Not available            
3 Al Dejail 3/18/4 Shaikh Jameel 1500 Agriculture available Suitable         Contract was signed with investor Basim Hamid and partners
4 Balad / Dhiloiya 105/104/14/72 41,40,41   10600 Agriculture available / Unsuitable         Contract is signed between the Agriculture research office and Sahl Al Rafidain Co.
5 Balad / Dhiloiya 33/25/22/14   4000 Agriculture available / Uthaim Rv. Unsuitable         Northern Dhiloiya project
Number of opportunities 5  
Total Area 31100  

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