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Electricity Sector Overview

The Electricity Sector

Electricity sector in Iraq presents a number of attractive investment opportunities to local and foreign investors. The government has ambitious plans aiming at raising the sector’s capacity through motivating investors in the fields of building, operating and supplying.

The Ministry of Electricity (MoE) has sought to activate the role of the private sector in several fields like finance, quick construction and the contribution to raising the generation capacity to cover the country need. The demand has grown furiously mainly by families in the recent years. Since the national power grid does not meet the local needs of the Iraqi families, they are forced to pay large amounts of money to be provided with electricity from the private sector.

MOE realizes that the current lack of electricity is the main obstacle for investments in all sectors since it is essential for the diversification of economy in the country.

It is planned for the power grid capacity to be (20,000) MW in 2015 instead of (8,000) MW in 2012.

Indicators about electricity sector for the year 2012:

Current demand is more than 15,000 MW
Available generated energy Approx 8,000 MW


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