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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector

No. Project Location allocated Land Area Province
1. Establishment of Dhaman Commercial Tower Najah Complex at Garage Area 2.4 Dunam Baghdad
2. Rehabilitation of Adl Market Baghdad- Adl Q. 9 Dunam Baghdad
3. Rehabilitation of Mansour Market Baghdad- Mansour District 16 Dunam Baghdad
4. Rehabilitation of Amil Market Baghdad- Amil Q 9 Dunam Baghdad
5. Rehabilitation of Sha’ab Market Baghdad- Sha’ab District 10 Dunam Baghdad
6. Rehabilitation of Mustansiriyah Market Baghdad- Mustansiriyah District 14 Dunam Baghdad
7. Rehabilitation of Salihiyah Market Baghdad- Salihiyah District 3 Dunam Baghdad
8. Rehabilitation of Thulatha Market Baghdad- Rusafa 13 Dunam Baghdad
9. Rehabilitation of Rasheed Market Baghdad- Rusafa  6 Dunam Baghdad
10. Rehabilitation of Free Zone Supermarket Baghdad- Rusafa 4 Dunam Baghdad
11. Restaurant and Coffee shop 2386/ 10/ 17/ Al-Oda 6 Dunam Babylon
12. Commercial complex 24/14619/Wesiyah Quarter 3.5 Dunam Babylon
13. Commercial complex Plot 37/1/meem 1/Eastren of Shafta District 1500 sq.m Diyala
14. Commercial complex Jalawlaa/225/475/ Al Awsaj Valley Various Areas Diyala
15. Commercial complex Jalwalaa/224/333/ Al Awsaj Valley Various Areas Diyala
16. Commercial complex Jalwalaa/225/2738/ Al Awsaj Valley Various Areas Diyala
17. Commercial complex Khaniqeen/26/831/Haj Qarra Various Areas Diyala
18. Commercial complex Khaniqeen/80/40 and 80/3 Hamidiya Gardens Various Areas Diyala
19. Restaurant and Coffee shop Al-Muqdadiyah/plot.3/939/meem 28/Tokatli 2 Dunam and 23 Ulk Diyala
20. Tourist Restaurant Khaniqeen//77/5 Al Jamia Section Various Areas Diyala
21. Commercial complex AL Sa’adiyah District 11/68 Various Areas Diyala
22. Tourist Restaurant Al Khalis 2/983/ Gissab District Various Areas Diyala
23. Commercial complex Behriz 30/277 Various Areas Diyala
24. Commercial complex Plot 3/45/Section.1/eastern of Shafta District Various Areas Diyala
25. Commercial complex Center of Tikrit City 4 Dunam Saladin
26. Commercial complex Beji Town 1,3 Dunam Saladin
27. Commercial complex Plot 412/31/section 67 2 Dunam Kirkuk
28. Commercial complex Plot 285/453 2 Dunam Kirkuk
29. Commercial complex Plot 3555/44/meem.39 1 Dunam Kirkuk
30. Commercial complex Plot.5/meem 51/outside the basic design of the Province 316 Dunam Kirkuk
31. Commercial complex Plot 8/1/meem 52/ outside the basic design of the Province 20 Dunam Kirkuk
32. Multi-Storey Park Plot 711/Kahiya/within the basic design of the Province 1,6 Dunam Kirkuk
33. Commercial complex 6/ 8565 meem 18 Bughailah/ Nu’maniyah 7 Dunam Wassit
34. Commercial complex Plot 749/3/section 38/Al-Khagiya District 3 Dunam Wassit
35. Commercial complex Hamdaniyah Town 12 Dunam Nineveh
36. Commercial complex Mosul- Arbachiyah- Ikha Q, plot 754/ 180 meem 51 6 Dunam Nineveh
37. Service and Public Buildings Plot 492/2/section.28/Al-Harmatt District 1 Dunam Nineveh
38. Commercial complex Plot 779/158/section.3/Babierah District 2000 sq.m Nineveh
39. Commercial complex Plot 2/1804/section.46/Southren Tala’far Island/Tala’afar Town 4 Dunam Nineveh
40. Commercial complex Plot 2/56/section.46/Southren Tala’far Island/Tala’afar Town 4 Dunam Nineveh
41. Commercial complex Plot 50/88/section.11/Northren Wadi Al-Ain District 1 Dunam Nineveh
42. Commercial complex Plot 7/8/section.37/Jadidah Al-Mufti/Mosul Twon 959 sq.m Nineveh
43. Commercial complex Plot 3293/95/section.29/Jelioukhan District/Mosul-Kirkuk Road 4 Dunam Nineveh
44. Commercial complex Part of plot 348/33/Mathatiqah District 10/Al-Haramatt 5 Dunam Nineveh
45. Commercial complex Part of plot 192/47/section.11/Northren Wadi Al-Ain 1 Dunam Nineveh
46. Commercial complex Part of plot 1027/90/section.51/Arabchah District 1 Dunam Nineveh
47. Commercial complex Part of plot no.50/section.24/Southren Wadi Iqab 13 Dunam Nineveh
48. Commercial complex Plot 1509/10/section.31/Qazzah Fakhrah-Ashur Quarter 1 Dunam Nineveh
49. Commercial complex Part of plot 1759/10/section.31/Qazzah Fakhrah-Al-Gazzali Quarter 1 Dunam Nineveh
50. Commercial complex Plot 821/10/section.31/Qazzah Fakhrah-Ashur Quarter 1 Dunam Nineveh
51. Commercial complex Part of Plot 3271/10/section.31/Qazzah Fakhrah-Ashur Quarter 10 Dunam Nineveh
52. Commercial complex Plot 41/16/section.32/Al-Shourah istrict 1,5 Dunam Nineveh
53. Commercial complex Plot 13/166/section.63/northern Al-Koush District/Talkeef Town 1 Dunam Nineveh
54. Commercial complex Plot 2/249/section.46/Southren Jaziratt Tal’afar/Tal’afar Town 1 Dunam Nineveh
55. Commercial complex Plot 2/246/section.46/Southren Jaziratt Tala’far/Tal’afar Town 1 Dunam Nineveh
56. Commercial complex Plot 18299/63/section.11/Northren Wadi Al-Ain 1,4 Dunam Nineveh
57. Free Trade Zone Faidah/Mosul-Duhok Road 10 km from the existing Municipaility Borders First Zone is 28 Dunam-Second Zone is 1640 Nineveh
58. Commercial complex Plot 41/7-41/16/section.32/Al-Shourah District 3 Dunam Nineveh
59. Commercial complex in Ramadi Ramadi- Mustaouda’a, the location is surrounded by four Steets 8 Dunam Anbar
60. Commercial complex in Manarat Heet Heet Constituency, plot no. 9/ 6806 6 Dunam Anbar
61. Commercial complex in Faluja Faluja Town- Yarmook Q. plot no. 9/ 29448 meem 1 jeem Kha 4 Dunam Anbar
62. Commercial complex in Rawa Rawa town 1675 sq.m Anbar
63. Commercial complex in Ana Ana Town 2 Dunam Anbar
64. Muti-Stories Garage Ramadi Town 6 Dunam Anbar
65. Commercial complex Karbala- Hussainiyah District- next to Imam ‘Aoun shrine 8 Dunam Holy Kerbala
66. Multi-stories integrated Commercial complex Kerbala- Hur District- Safi street near deposit Qaf 20014/ 1 meem 21 Haydariyah 4 Dunam Holy Kerbala
67. Commercial complex 163/ 1/ meem 6 6 Dunam Holy Kerbala
68. Commercial complex Plot 25/86/Eastren Al-Abassiyah Quarter 1,4 Dunam Holy Kerbala
69. Commercial complex Plot 1507/8/Al-Mishraq Quarter 3 Dunam Holy Najaf
70. Commercial complex Plot 2/15329/Holy Najaf Municipality 2,6 Dunam Holy Najaf
71. Commercial complex Plot 1/4420/Al-Manathirah Town 600 sq.m Holy Najaf
72. Farmer Market Plot 186/3/meem 13/ Al-Manathirah Town 2 Dunam Holy Najaf
73. Commercial Complex Plot 1/484/meem 3/ Al-Manathirah Town 768 sq.m Holy Najaf
74. Public Buildings Plot 1/2941/meem 3/Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town 1395 sq.m Holy Najaf
75. Public Buildings Plot 1/2028/ Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town Holy Najaf
76. Public Buildings Plot 54/310/ Al-Manathirah Town 1900 sq.m Holy Najaf
77. Public Buildings Plot 306/54/Al-Hadi Quarter/ Al-Manathirah Town 1302 sq.m Holy Najaf
78. Car Parking Lot Plot 1/2970/Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town 1632 sq.m Holy Najaf
79. Public Buildings Plot 1/386/Al-Jumhoori quarter/ Al-Manathirah Town 1040 sq.m Holy Najaf
80. Commercial Complex Plot 30/413/Al-Shahid Al-Sadr Quarter/Al-Mishkhab District 12 Dunam Holy Najaf
81. Commercial Complex Plot 24,25/52/Basrah Center/ Gazara 1 Dunam Basra
82. Establishment of Modern Commercial Center Plot 150/149/86/Al-Ribatt Al-Kabeer District/Basrah Center 1500 sq.m Basra
83. Commercial complex Plot 137/3198/ Al-Ribatt Al-Kabeer District/Basrah Center 2229 sq.m Basra
84. Commercial Complex Plot 4/83/Al-Khidhur Town/Basra Centre 840 sq.m Basra
85. Commercial complex Plot 948/2/Al-Kut Al-Hajaj District/ Basra Centre 1600 sq m. Basra
86. Commercial complex Plot 136/Al-Ribatt Al-Saghir District-Basra Centre 4 Dunam Basra
87. Commercial complex Plot 37/690/Al-Qiblah District/ Basra Centre 5 Dunam Basra
88. Commercial complex Plot 6/1786/Maqam Ali District/ Basra Centre 1862 sq.m Basra
89. Commercial complex Plot 15/278/ Al-Ribatt Al-Saghir District-Basra Centre 1212 sq.m Basra
90. Commercial complex Plot 2/595/Kut Al-Hajaj District/ Basra Centre 1 Dunam Basra
91. Commercial complex Plot 2087/294 Al-Jumhouriah/Al-Zubair Town 2208 sq.m Basra
92. Commercial complex Plot 2087/292 Al-Jumhouriah/Al-Zubair Town 1240 sq.m Basra
93. Commercial complex Plot 3/3865/6/Fao Twon 23 Dunam Basra
94. Commercial complex Plot 59/16 Shatt Al-Arab Town 912 sq.m Basra
95. Commercial complex Plot 3/1766/64 Hour Saad 600 sq.m Basra
96. Commercial complex Plot 3/1768/64 Hour Saad 600 sq.m Basra
97. Commercial complex Plot 3/1769/64 Hour Saad 600 sq.m Basra
98. Commercial complex Plot no.4/1635/Al-Majidiyah District 1683 sq.m Maysan
99. Commercial complex 21 Ulk Maysan
100. Commercial complex Plot no.126/171/Tigris River 2 Ulk Maysan
101. Commercial complex Within Municipality Boarders 4 Dunam Thi Qar
102. Muti-Stories Garage Within Municipality Boarders- Hammam 5 Dunam Thi Qar
103. Commercial Complex Mouadhafeen Quarter- Old Garage 2 Dunam Thi Qar
104. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah/ 110/ 9742/ Jazirah 4 Dunam Thi Qar
105. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 3.6 Dunam Thi Qar
106. Muti-Stories Garage Nasiriyah Town 6 Dunam Thi Qar
107. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1497 sq.m Thi Qar
108. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1800 sq.m Thi Qar
109. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1710 sq.m Thi Qar
110. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1600 sq.m Thi Qar
111. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1.3 Dunam Thi Qar
112. Commercial Complex Nasiriyah Town 1.3 Dunam Thi Qar
113. Commercial Complex Al-Shattrah Town 4 Dunam Thi Qar
114. Commercial Complex Al-Shattrah Town 2.3 Dunam Thi Qar
115. Commercial Complex Al-Jibaiesh Town 1 Dunam Thi Qar
116. Modern Coffee Shop Al-Jibaiesh Town 3 Dunam Thi Qar
117. Commercial Complex Al-Rifa’aei Town 1 Dunam Thi Qar
118. Commercial Complex Al-Rifa’aei Town 1 Dunam Thi Qar
119. Commercial Complex Al-Gharaf Town 1.8 Dunam Thi Qar
120. Commercial Complex Al-Diwayah Town 1350 sq.m Thi Qar
121. Commercial Complex Al-Fuhood Town 1768 sq.m Thi Qar
122. Commercial Complex Plot 27/Al-Sariyah District 1.3 Dunam Maysan
123. Commercial Complex Plot 2/133/Qaureter/7 Al-Basateen 2 Dunam Muthana
124. Commercial Complex Plot 7/433/section 18/Sadr Al-Yousifiyah District 2.3 Dunam Diwaniyah
125. Commercial Complex 432 (Al-Salahiya Town) 1250 sq.m Diwaniyah
126. Commercial Complex Plot 4/3902/meem 1/Um Al-Khail Town 5 Ulk Diwaniyah
127. Commercial Complex Plot 1/20/meem 31/Basateen Al-Khala’a District 7 Ulk and 59 sq.m Diwaniyah
128. Commercial Complex Plot 25/554/meem 5/Um Abassiyatt District 13 Ulk and 20 sq.m Diwaniyah
129. Commercial Complex Plot 13/meem 31/Al-Khala’a-Sumer Town 6 Ulk and 80 sq.m Diwaniyah
130. Commercial Complex Plot 2/10862/meem 23/Abo Al-Fadhil District 1 Dunam and 13 Ulk Diwaniyah
131. Commercial Complex Plot 2/5525/meem 23/Abo Al Fadhil District 1800 sq.m Diwaniyah
132. Commercial Complex Plot 2/14956/meem 23/Abo Al-Fadhil District 1 Dunam Diwaniyah
133. Commercial Complex Plot 1/85/meem 13/Thor Al-Huboor Town 1 Dunam and 9 Ulk Diwaniyah
134. Commercial Complex Plot 2/17905/meem 23/Abo Al-Fadhil District 7 Ulk Diwaniyah
135. Commercial Complex Plot 25/2737/meem 5/Um-Abassiyatt District 10 Dunam and 21 Ulk Diwaniyah
136. Commercial Complex Plot 9/698/meem 3/Al-Malaha District 1 Dunam and 3 Ulk and 50 sq.m Diwaniyah
137. Commercial Complex Plot 1/745/Al-Urb 1200 sq.m Diwaniyah
138. Commercial Complex Plot 11/558/meem 2/Al-Dahaiyah District 11 Ulk Diwaniyah
139. Commercial Complex Plot 7/2717 and plot 7/2718/Hour Al-Arab Al-Suniyah 6 Ulk Diwaniyah
140. Commercial Complex Plot 44/66/meem 2/Albo Salih District 840 sq.m Diwaniyah
141. Commercial Complex Plot 1/84/meem 2/Aziz Allah District 2 Dunam Diwaniyah
142. Commercial Complex Plot 25/2734/meem 5/ Um-Abassiyatt District 8 Dunam Diwaniyah
143. Parking Lot Plot 25/1989/meem 5/Um-Abassiyatt District 22 Ulk Diwaniyah
144. Commercial Complex Plot 39/311/Soub Al-Shamiyah Town 16 Ulk Diwaniyah
145. Commercial Complex Plot 27/2/meem 13/Al-Bidair Town 10 Dunam Diwaniyah
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