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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Tourism Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Entertainment City Al-Husainiyah District 16 Dunam and 64 m2 Baghdad
2 Entertainment City Al-Zuhoor District-Plot no.29851/meem 50 Dunam Baghdad
3 Babylon Tourist Hotel Province Centre Babylon
4 Mahanawiyah Tourist Island Northern Part of Babylon Province-Plot no.4/44/Al-Mahanawiyah 850 Dunam Babylon
5 Tourist Complex Al-Udhaim Dam Diyala
6 Tourist Hotel and  Entertainment area Khanaqeen/ 6/ 5418/ 8/ Hajj Qara District 10 Dunam Diyala
7 Entertainment City Baladrose 1/303 Diyala
8 Entertainment City and Coffee shop Jalawlaa Town 111/15/meem 34/Koshk District Diyala
9 Entertainment City
Jalawlaa 1334 Al-Ouruba Diyala
10 Entertainment City
Khanaqeen/plot no.19/3/section.3/Al-Hamidiyah District 2,5 Dunam Diyala
11 Tourist Project Tikrit City 3 Dunam Saladin
12 Tourist Project Tikrit City 6 Dunam Saladin
13 Entertainment City Beji District 5 Dunam Saladin
14 Entertainment City Balad District 2.5 Dunam Saladin
15 Entertainment City Al-Sharkatt District 35 Dunam Saladin
16 Olympic Swimming Pool Al-Door District 3 Dunam Saladin
17 Hotel, Restaurant and Coffee-Shop 1/ 648 meem 22 zouiyat Al-Zar’a/ Aziziyah District 3.6 Donam 3.6 Dunam Wassit
18 Tourist Complex Plot no.1/30/section.111/Babnet/nearby Mosul Dam/Talkeef District 10 Dunam Nineveh
19 Tourist Complex Plot no.1/29/section.111/Babnet/nearby Mosul Dam/Talkeef District 10 Dunam Nineveh
20 Tourist Complex Plot no.104/section.16/Qara Tiba District/Mosul Road/ Ba’shiqa/Al-Hamdaniyah District 7,7 Dunam Nineveh
21 Tourist City at the Dam of Mosul 30 km Northern Mosul 88 Dunam Nineveh
22 Rehabilitation of the waterfalls tourist complex 6 km northern Mosul 250 Dunam Nineveh
23 Tourist complex Ba’shiqa mountain/ two neighboring plots 1- governmental, plot no. 110 province 4/ 2.000 Dunam Nineveh
24 Health tourist resort at Hammam Al-‘Aleel Hammam Al-‘Aleel, near Sabit hill on Tigris river 4 Dunam Nineveh
25 Rehabilitation of Ashour hotel Mosul- Cornish overlooks Tigris river 1 Dunam Nineveh
26 Forest and tourist city 17/ 432 meem 37 Buaiza Hai Al- Arabi 60 Dunam Nineveh
27 Amusement Park Centre of Al-Hamdaniyah Town 12 Dunam Nineveh
28 Amusement Park and Children Playgrounds Part of Plot 5312/21/section.38/ Northern Yarmajah/Sumer Quarter 7 Dunam Nineveh
29 Amusement Park and Children Playgrounds Plot.2071/58/section.31/Qazza Fakhrah District/Al-Hussain Qaurter/Al-Jalili District/Mosul Town 42 Dunam Nineveh
30 Tourist City Part of plot 665/10/section.31/Qazza Fakhrah District/Ashur Quarter 3 Dunam Nineveh
31 Entertainment City Part 47/212/section.32/Al-Shourah District/Ashur Quarter 1,6 Dunam Nineveh
32 Entertainment City Plots 201-200-199/section.163/Northren Al-Kosh/Talkeef District 4 Dunam Nineveh
33 Entertainment City, Gardens, Parks and Coffee Shop Part of plot no.1529/1/section.51/Al-Muhalabiyah District 20 Dunam Nineveh
34 Entertainment City Plot 5/2093/section.66/Al-Sa’adah District/Rabia’aa 9 Dunam Nineveh
35 Entertainment City Part of plot.1868/10/section/31/Qazza Fakhrah District/Al-Gazali Quarter 6 Dunam Nineveh
36 Swimming Pool and Coffee shop Plot 484/8/section Talsaquf District/Talkeef Town 1,4 Dunam Nineveh
37 Amusement Park Plot 2/787/section.13/Talmous District/Zumar Quarter 12 Dunam Nineveh
38 Amusement Park Plots: 47/116-499/41-212/47/section 32/Al-Shourah District 6 Dunam Nineveh
39 Amusement Park Plot 6/433/section Qabbak Wafukni/Al-Aiyadhiyah District/Tal’afar Town 4 Dunam Nineveh
40 Amusement Park Plot 2212/1/Section.Southren Hawiee Al-Kaneesah 29/Mosul Town 4 Dunam Nineveh
41 Al-Sha’ab Tourist Park Outside the basic design/Kirkuk Municipality 169 Dunam Kirkuk
42 Al-Ihtifalat Square Park Plot 296/6/section 39/ Kirkuk Municipality 15 Dunam Kirkuk
43 Al-Khassah River Shores P ark Plot 8/2/meem 54/within the basic design of Province Kirkuk
44 5 Stars Hotel Faluja/ the Highway, near Faluja University 10 Dunam Al-Anbar
45 “First of May” tourist Hotel Haditha Town 6 Dunam Al-Anbar
46 Qa’aim Entertainment City Qaim Town 11 Dunam Al-Anbar
47 Hotel and Shopping Mall Kerbala- Abbasiyah- Hamza Al-Zighair street plot 80/ 66 and meem 80/ 64 meem 24 Abbasiyah 2 2 Dunam Holy Karbala
48 Hotel apartments overlooking Euphrates River Kerbala- Hindiyah Town 8 Dunam Holy Karbala
49 Tourist Hotel Plot 3/575/section.61/Al-Jazeerah 26 Dunam Holy Karbala
50 Al-Salam Hotel Centre of Province Holy Najaf
51 Entertainment Park Part of plot 116/8771 24 Dunam Holy Najaf
52 Amusement Park Part of plot 65/meem 6/Al-Haidariyah District 10 Dunam Holy Najaf
53 Tourist Complex Part of plot 65/meem 6/Al-Haidariyah District 30 Dunam Holy Najaf
54 Entertainment Park within Housing Quarter Part of plot 29/Al-Hurriah District District Holy Najaf
55 Cornish overlooking Al-Bazil River At the District entrance from Al-Abbassiyah Side Holy Najaf
56 Amusement Park Haswatt Al-Khournaq Quarter/meem 3/Al-Manathirah District 5 Dunam Holy Najaf
57 Amusement Park Al-Khournaq Quarter 1/2942/ Al-Manathirah District 1612  Dunam Holy Najaf
58 Amusement Park Plot 30/358/Rukniyah/Al-Mishkhab District 1419  Dunam Holy Najaf
59 Amusement Park Plot 30/99/ Crossring of three commercial roads/Al-Mishkhab District 6  Dunam Holy Najaf
60 Al-Manathirah Park Plot 5/249/meem 2/Al-Haswah Town/ Al-Manathirah District 7,7 Dunam Holy Najaf
61 Tourist Restaurant Plot 274/Ta’a/Al-Mishkhab District 1,5 Dunam Holy Najaf
62 Marbid Novotel Hotel Basrah Center / Mannawi Pasha 7 Dunam Basra
63 Entertainment City 76/40 Centre of Province 4 Dunam Basra
64 Entertainment land and water city Plot 849/Centre of Province 10 Dunam Basra
65 Hotel and Entertainment City Plot 3/828/Al-Qiblah District/ Centre of Province 7 Dunam Basra
66 Zoo Park Plot 2087/298/Jimhouriah District/Zubair Town 3 Dunam Basra
67 Entertainment City Plot 2087/219/Jimhouriah District/Zubair Town 2 Dunam Basra
68 An Integrated Sport City Plot 1815/532/Zubair Town 4 Dunam Basra
69 Entertainment City Plot 56/Safwan Quarter/Zubair Town 10 Dunam Basra
70 Entertainment City Plot 2/3368/Fao Town 35 Dunam Basra
71 Entertainment City Plot 2/3953/6/Fao Town 17 Dunam Basra
72 Entertainment City Plot 53/2/Seebah District/Fao Town 4 Dunam Basra
73 Entertainment City Plot 3958/2/meem 6/ Fao Town 17 Dunam Basra
74 Entertainment City Plot 5235/231/Al-Pasha River/Qurna Town 900 Dunam Basra
75 Entertainment City Plot 231/2105/Al-Pasha River/Qurna Town 41 Dunam Basra
76 Amusement Park and Entertainment City Centre of Province 30 Dunam Maysan
77 Entertainment City Plot 45/46/Al-Askaari Quarter 55 Dunam Maysan
78 Tourist Hotel Down town- on Euphrates banks 6 Dunam Thi Qar
79 Tourist City Down town- Siphon- Thi Qar 90 Dunam Thi Qar
80 Al-Nasiriyah Amusement Park Al-Nasiriyah Town (within the Municipality Borders) 38 Dunam Thi Qar
81 Al-Jazirah Entertainment City Al-Nasiriyah Town 40 Dunam Thi Qar
82 Tourist Complex Al-Nasiriyah Town-Down Town 30 Dunam Thi Qar
83 Floating Restaurant Al-Nasiriyah Town 500 sq.m Thi Qar
84 Tourist Complex in Al-Bada’aa Al-Shattrah Town 18 Dunam Thi Qar
85 Restaurant, Coffee-Shop and Children Playgrounds Al-Shattrah Town 864 sq.m Thi Qar
86 Youkha Tourist Complex Al-Shattrah Town 2000 sq.m Thi Qar
87 Al-zuhoor Amusement Park and Marina Al-Shattrah Town 9 Dunam Thi Qar
88 Entertainment City Souq Al-Shiyoukh District 17 Dunam Thi Qar
89 Tourist Hotel Al-Rifa’aei Town 1 Dunam Thi Qar
90 Entertainment City Al-Rifa’aei Town 18 Dunam Thi Qar
91 Entertainment City Al-Garraf Town 18 Dunam Thi Qar
92 Tourist Complex Al-Islah Town 100 Dunam Thi Qar
93 Cornish and Boats Marina Al-Battha’a Town 6 Dunam Thi Qar
94 Entertainment City Al-Dawiyah Town 7,5 Dunam Thi Qar
95 Entertainment City Al-Fuhood Town 40 Dunam Thi Qar
96 Entertainment City Al-Jibaiesh Town 30 Dunam Thi Qar
97 Entertainment City Al-Jibaiesh Town (outside the Municipality Borders) 20 Dunam Thi Qar
98 Cornishe Development Project Al-Nasr Town (within  the Municipality Borders) 4 Dunam Thi Qar
99 Tourist Complex and Entertainment City Al-Nasr Town (within  the Municipality Borders) 96 Dunam Thi Qar
100 Tourist Complex Sawah Lake Al-Muthana
101 Tourist Hotel AMAWHA Town-Euphrates Shore Al-Muthana
102 Entertainment City Samawah Triangle/Al-Warka’a/Al-Rumaitha Al-Muthana
103 Entertainment City Plot 457/Al-Salahiyah Town 1 Dunam Diwaniyah
104 Entertainment City Plot 2.609/meem 43/Al-Mahanawaiyah Town 21 Dunam Diwaniyah
105 Entertainment City Plot 13/meem 8/Aziz Allah Town 38 Dunam Diwaniyah
106 Entertainment City Plot 34/416/meem 15/Al-Masafutt and Al-Haseen District 6 Dunam Diwaniyah

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