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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Tourism Sector Opportunities

Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Governorate
1 Development of Wedding Island at Karkh Karkh 641 Dunam Baghdad
2 Entertainment City at Baghdad Tourist Island Rusafa 20 Dunam Baghdad
3 Rehabilitation of the Presidential Palaces (Presidential Palace- Souk Amma, Jia’afir, A’adhamiyah Palace, Nadi Al-Faris Palace, Radhwaniyah Palace, Salam Palace, Fao Palace) Various locations in Baghdad Various areas Baghdad
4 Rehabilitation of the tourist Complex at Madain and surrounding areas Baghdad Outskirts
5 Rehabilitation of the existed tourist and Hotel Institute Rusafa/ Baladiyat
6 6 Stars Hotel At the Airport Road
7 Rehabilitation of Antique Babylon Celebration Park Babylon theatre, Throne Hall, Residence Places
8 Renovation of Babylon Museums Babylon Various areas Babylon
9 Tourist City at the beaches of Himreen Lake Banks of Himreen Lake/ 111, 59, 90, 67, 57, 54, 53, 50 200 Dunam Diyala
10 Tourist City at the left of Al-Himreen Lake Khanaqeen (Sa’diyah)/ 140/ 1/ 9 Deshtan 300 Dunam Diyala
11 Tourist Hotel, Entertainment area and a Park Khanaqeen/ 6/ 5418/ 8/ Hajj Qara 10 Dunam Diyala

Entertainment City Baladrose 1/303 —- Diyala

Entertainment City Baladrose 1/2088

Entertainment City Jalawlaa 1334 Al-Ouruba
12 5, and 3 Stars Hotels Samarra Various areas Saladin
13 Hotel, Resturant and Coffee-Shop 1/ 648 meem 22 zouiyat Al-Zar’a/ Aziziyah 3.6 Donam 3.6 Dunam Wasit
14 Tourist City at Mosul Dam 30 km Northern Mosul 88 Dunam Nineveh
15 Rehabilitation of the waterfalls tourist complex 6 km northern Mosul 250 Dunam Nineveh
16 Tourist complex Ba’shiqa mountain/ two neighbouring plots 1- governmental, plot no. 110 province 4/ 2.000 Dunam Nineveh
17 Health tourist resort at Hammam Al-‘Aleel Hammam Al-‘Aleel, near Sabit hill on Tigris river 4 Dunam Nineveh
18 Rehabilitation of Ashour hotel Mosul- Cornish overlooks Tigris river 1 Dunam Nineveh
19 Wood and tourist city 17/ 432 meem 37 Buaiza Hai Al- Arabi 60 Dunam Nineveh
20 5 Stars Hotel Faluja/ the Highway, near Faluja University 10 Dunam Al-Anbar
21 1 May tourist Hotel Haditha Town 6 Dunam Al-Anbar
22 Qaim Entertainment Land Qaim Town 11 Dunam Al-Anbar
23 Hotel and Mall Kerbala- Abbasiyah- Hamza Al-zighair street plot 80/ 66 and meem 80/ 64 meem 24 Abbasiyah 2 2 Dunam Holy Kerbala
24 Hotel apartments overlook Euphrates River Kerbala- Hindiyah Town 8 Dunam Holy Kerbala
25 4-5 Stars Hotel and Entertainment City Basrah Center / Ashar- Kornish- Al-Dakeer 6 Dunam Basrah
26 Entertainment City Basrah Center / 850 Qibla 388 Dunam Basrah
27 Marbid Novotel Hotel Basrah Center / Mannawi Pasha 7 Dunam Basrah
28 Entertainment land and water city Basrah Center/ near sport city 10 Dunam Basrah
29 Entertainment land Fao Town 35 Dunam Basrah
30 Green Entertainment Land Qurna Town 900 Dunam Basrah
31 Entertainment city and Disney land Qurna Twon 41 Dunam Basrah
32 Tourist Hotel Down town- on Euphrates banks 6 Dunam Thi Qar
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