Thi Qar Youth and Sport Sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport


No Project Name Location Area Province
1.  Old stadium with old seating rows, area can be used as pool and recreational halls   11/1275 tafeej   32 dunem 13 ulk Thi Qar
2.  Water city, recreational facilities and hotel Number (25,24,23)

1m 98/ 1m 97 /1m 96

830 dunem Thi Qar
3.  Dawaya Club 6318/27 Sarai Different area Thi Qar
4.  Pool and mall   1538 m 17 July   Different area Thi Qar
5.  Sport Club   405/1055 Sarai 632 m²  Thi Qar
6.  Football stadium 5000 people 449/5 Salba   Thi Qar