Wasit Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector

First: State Company for Food Trade

No. Suggested Project Land no. Area Location Notes
1 1) 50% of the area as a residential complex for employees. 

 50% of the area to be used as warehouses/ food/dairy processing plant with marketing center or any other project that serves the area

9/108 district 36 Dhamin river 40 dunem Wasit Plot is 500m from the main road to the left of Baghdad-Wasit check point, no buildings.

Second: State Company for Central Markets


Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1.  Commercial complex 4/2114 m 18 Aziziya 1 Dunam Wasit
2.  Commercial complex 15/42 Numaniya 16 Dunam Wasit
3.  Commercial complex Swaira 104/717 1 Dunam Wasit
4.  Commercial complex Kut/ khajiya 5/1952 2 Dunam Wasit
5.  Commercial complex Kut center 2/7851 3 Dunam Wasit
6.  Gas station Shehaimiya 2/2394 3 Dunam Wasit
7.  Gas station Wasit village 1/202 3 Dunam Wasit
8.  Gas station 2/1091 Deboni Aziziya 3 Dunam Wasit
9.  Gas station 6/20 Talata  Aziziya 1 Dunam Wasit

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