*In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful*

At a time when the National Investment Commission appreciates the role of the legislative institution in the country by exercising its constitutional role by monitoring state institutions and enacting their laws, The National Commission affirms its keenness to strengthen its relations with all institutions, including the esteemed Iraqi Council of Representatives, in order to make the government’s tasks a success, as stated in its platform related to supporting the private sector and encouraging the investment environment in a manner that serves the interest of Iraq and within the framework of Investment Law No. (13) of 2006.

The National Investment Commission has recently monitored the invitation of some members of the House of Representatives to organize an interrogation of the head of the National Commission, Dr. Haidar Muhammad Makiya, and it has always expressed its high sense of respect towards the House of Representatives and its members and its willingness to attend the interrogation according to the legal contexts specified for its mechanisms and to state the facts and evidence proven by the Commission about what was stated in Book of the Parliamentary Investment and Development Committee.

The National Investment Commission calls on the respected members of the House of Representatives to support the Commission’s procedures in developing the investment law and related regulations. To serve the interest of the investment sector in Iraq, Noting that all the work carried out by the Commission and its staff is within the legal frameworks, instructions and controls stipulated in the laws governing the investment process in Iraq.

* National Investment Commission *

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