The head of the National Investment Authority stresses adherence to the prices of feasibility studies for selling residential units.

The head of the National Investment Authority, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makkiya, stressed: It is necessary to adhere to the prices established in feasibility studies to sell residential units in investment complexes in Baghdad and the governorates.

This came during his inspection of the Lion of Babylon housing project in Baghdad in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Authority, Mr. Salar Muhammad Amin.

The Chairman of the Authority confirmed during his visit to the sales center in the complex, The importance of adhering to the prices established in the feasibility study for selling residential units and providing the best standards of sustainable services to citizens.

He added that the National Authority formulates the investment policy in a way that secures the relationship between the investor and the Authority on the one hand and the citizen on the other hand. Pointing out that the citizen is looking forward to solid projects that provide him with the elements of a suitable residential environment for living.

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