From its inception, the Prime Minister’s government program identified a strategy to address the housing crisis. Many meetings were held for the cities’ teams to address this crisis and its roots, which resulted in the establishment of integrated sustainable residential cities and not the expansion of residential complexes with a limited number of residential units.

Population centers were chosen in Baghdad and the other governorates, far from city centers and their bottlenecks.

At the end of August this year, the National Investment Authority announced five residential cities as international investment opportunities as the first phase.

The first city whose license was granted by the National Investment Commission at the beginning of December was the city of jewelers after organizing the economic relationship between the state and the investor through an economic model in various European countries. The investor will participate in providing serviced lands or ready-to-use housing units to the state, at a certain percentage of the project area, and housing unit prices available to citizens.

The New Al-Jawahiri City project will allocate 25% of the lands served with all its infrastructure, which the state will distribute to different categories according to the categories approved by the National Housing Council.

It will provide Al-Jawahiri City with 7,121 dunams, 30 thousand diverse housing units, And 10 thousand serviced residential plots of land to be distributed to citizens of different categories.

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