Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

The National Investment Commission in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Aljawadain Holy Shrine announces a special investment opportunities regarding its real estates according to amended investment law no. 13 for 2006 as shown in the table below.

Interested Iraqi and foreign investors with financial capacity and experience are welcomed to submit their application to the National Investment Commission within 45 days from the announcement date to review conditions and investment contract form.

For more information, please contact the One Stop Shop in the National Investment Commission


Block no.


Location in Holy Kadhmiya City

Initial vision


404/6 Dabakhana

1071,9 m²

Main Muheet St. opposite to Dar Al Jawad for orphans

Hotel, 15 stories at least


117/32 Utaifiya

808 m²

Main Muheet St. opposite to Al Abassly Resort

10 stories Mall


113/17 Utaifiya

759 m²

Main Muheet St. near Muhamed Al Jawad Sq.

12 stories hotel


Two blocks 84/92, 84/93 Utaifiya

1014.1 m² areas together

Opposite to the fuel station near Al Aaima Bridge

Super Market and hotel apartments


84/14 Utaifiya

681 m²

Near Muhamed Al Jawad Sq. Notary St.



152/2 Utaifiya

710.87 m²

Near the old Kadhimiya hospital

Medical complex