Investment Opportunity/ Iraqi Cement State Company

Investment Opportunity/ Iraqi Cement State Company



Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Iraqi Cement State Company

Investment Opportunity in the Industrial Sector

The Iraqi Cement State Company is pleased to announce the investment opportunities for investing :

Babel Cement Plant/ for producing oil well cement type (G , B).



Our company invites specialized Iraqi, Arab and global International companies, investors and financers to participate in these investment opportunities to rehabilitate for(API) global certificate of cement production class(G,B)and rehabilitation, processing and modernization of laboratories and according to the participation in production contract. To contribute to this valuable opportunity for this   type of cement, the importance of meeting the need of the Iraqi market, the economic feasibility and the privileges achieved to the investor including the raw materials availability at a competitive prices.


This contract shall be achieved according to the requirements of cabinet decision no.336 in 2018 and the valid guidance principles according to Public Company Law No.22 for 1997 Article (15) third Paragraph.


The investment file can be obtained from the Iraqi Cement State Company headquarters amount of (150000 IQD) one hundred fifty thousand Iraqi dinar against nonreturnable starting from (1/9/2019) .Offers will be opened after (30) days from the date of publication of the declaration. In the event that no bids are received during this period the declaration shall be deemed effective pending receipt of an acceptable bid ,And our company is ready to provide information in details and facilitate the visit to the plants. We would like to note that the offers must match the conditions stated in the investment profile. Taking into consideration, offers must be presented in two separated offers (Technical and Commercial placed inside a sealed and drain). All attached documents must be certified officially by the official department in the countries related to those companies besides certifying by the Iraqi embassy in the country of origin.


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