NIC holds a meeting with the representatives of Bismayah inhabitants and stresses the importance of quality in the services submitted by companies working in the city

NIC Chairman, Dr. haider Muhammed Makiya, presided a meeting to discuss the quality of the services submitted by the companies working in Bismayah city and ordered the committee in charge of following up companies works to include all indicators in its regular report.

NIC Chairman assured, during the meeting that was attended by the inhabitants’ representatives, the importance of submitting services in the city according to accurate standards that meet the requirements of citizens and laying solutions to problems according to legal and contracting regulations that govern companies.

He added that NIC has made strides in implementing a number of measures that have been halted for years in addition to developing services in terms of power and water supply.

In their turn, the inhabitants’ representatives expressed their gratitude to NIC Chairman and their confidence in the measures taken by NIC to sustain the city and discussed a number of obstacles and the nature of services provided.

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