The Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Dr. Haidar Muhammad Makiya, participated in the opening activities of the Sarajevo Business and Investment Forum, in its twelfth session, in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representing the Republic of Iraq, for the period 17-18 May.

During the presence of more than (1000) participating businessmen from (40) Arab and foreign countries and official figures representing countries and governments in the region and the world, The head of the National Commission for Investment, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makiya, confirmed that Iraq is part of the paths of international partnership in the economy and investment sector. Work is underway towards consolidating the base of commercial relations with the international community and the regional neighborhood of Iraq.

He added that the Sarajevo Business Forum is an important investment space in the southeastern geography of the continent of Europe and an important opportunity to present strategic and vital projects in the energy, oil, housing, trade, industry and health sectors mutually between the Bosnian investment sector and the investment sector in the countries of the world, including the countries of the region. Indicating that the National Commission has prepared an integrated program on the investment opportunities available in Iraq, And an introduction to the amended Iraqi Investment Law No. (13) of 2006, And a precise strategy to attract European capital and investors to Iraq and initiate investment projects and activities in the interest of the country.

Makiya continued, on the sidelines of the activities of the forum, which witnessed a review of the works and projects established in many countries and the financial budgets allocated to them. It is necessary to build bridges of economic communication between countries and governments that pay attention to the investment sector in order to develop the target environment levels in the countries participating in the Sarajevo Forum, Explaining the importance of initiating actual steps towards the axes of the health sector, governance, and developing the reality of infrastructure.

While the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Nermin Nikšić, stressed in his speech at the forum the importance of mutual commercial communication with the countries of the world and the Arab and Islamic region. Involving research centers to study the nature of mutual development factors and develop them to ensure the requirements of the societies of states and governments.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Elmedin Konakovich, indicated that the economy is an important axis in any country that seeks progress at all levels. And that the Republic of Bosnia is keen to expand its economic dealings with most countries of the world

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