The Chairman of the National Commission for Investment, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makiya, conducted an inspection tour of the investment projects in areas around Baghdad International Airport to see the progress of the work and the achievement rates achieved within the specified time periods.

This visit comes in implementation of the directives of His Excellency the Prime Minister, Eng. Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, regarding the need to accelerate the pace of work in all projects. And dividing work meals into three shifts to ensure speedy delivery.

And in his visit to the investment projects, in the presence of the Managing Director of Daico International Holding Company and the representative of the Emirati Damac Company in Iraq, Mr. Majid Al-Ghazali, and a number of officials of the Authority, His Excellency the Chairman of the National Commission, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makiya, affirmed his keenness to follow up the stages of work and record completion rates within the specified time ceilings, which were proven by feasibility studies. Indicating that these projects represent a qualitative turning point in terms of design and construction.

During his tour of a number of completed models of housing units for the projects of the Daico International Holding Company, Makiya continued that the government pays great attention to partnership between the public and private sectors and its implications for national economic development. Referring to the National Authority’s reliance on the policy of openness to regional and international investment companies and initiating bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding with major countries in the sectors of housing, energy, industry, trade and agriculture, He explained that the National Authority will work to remove obstacles in order for the mechanisms to enter the work sites.

For his part, Mr. Majed Al-Ghazali, Managing Director of Daico, expressed his happiness with this visit and the knowledge of the nature of work levels that investment projects have been lacking for years. Expressing his thanks for the interest of the President of the National Commission and his careful follow-up to the details of the field work. Pointing out that Daico’s projects around the airport are in an upward trajectory.

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