Transportation Sector


It is one of the important economic sectors for its direct impact on the daily life of people and its tangled connection with the other economic sectors which can’t be improved and developed without good infrastructure and efficient services of the transport system.

This sector is characterized by a big contribution of the local and foreign private sector and investments in implementing and operating lots of its projects.

The contribution of this sector to the GDP in the fixed prices was approximately 6.6% for the year 2012, while the growth of this sector’s contribution rate to the GDP for the years 2009-2011 was 7%.

Iraq have planned to exploit its special geographic location in developing the transport sector in all its branches (land, maritime and air), the matter that will help in achieving the economic growth and creating lots of job opportunities in the international commercial businesses especially when developing the sector’s infrastructure which will result in diversifying revenues and providing better services to people and all users.


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